Creating a Spa-like Bathroom

Do you ever leave a hotel or restaurant and wish your bathroom was more like that? Hopefully, we can help recreate those muted zen vibes. 

Stay Muted 

Starting with a neutral palette in the bathroom is always the best base option, it allows you to layer and adapt as the seasons and trends change. 

Touch It, Feel It 

Haptic designs that stimulate and enhance our senses are required to add depth and character to the room. This could be as simple as adding live plants or textured tiling. 


Lack of storage in the bathroom is the most common issue which causes our bathroom 

Enhance the Aroma 

One of the first senses we use when in a new space is, smell. By making you bathroom have an incredible ingrained essence, you'll be feeling like you are in a spa each time you enter. 

Stay Muted

Here I have chosen a White Cotton from Dulux's Range, which is a fantastic dupe of the Cornforth White from Farrow and Ball. Far from the harsh white, the warmth of this paint provides a calming undertone that is easy to layer with any coloured finishings.  


Touch It, Feel It

Risen to popularity is this panelling, we see it in offices and bedrooms, but I am absolutely loving the effect it is giving in the bathroom. I have found a fantastic affordable option, in th form of panel effect wallpaper! With brilliant online reviews, it is a quick and easy DIY that you can use to elevate you bathroom and give it that Spa-Retreat feel.

Remove the Clutter

Probably the hardest task of all is removing the clutter from the bathroom yet still having everything you need within reachable distance. Yes you can purchase fantastic storage mirrors and cabinets, but this may set you back a couple hundred a pound at a time. These simple and stylish wicker baskets will allow you to organise your bathroom necessities in minutes. 

Luxurious Aroma 

I will always remember the smell of boutique hotels and spas, it is one of the most enriching experiences when you walk into a space that smells insane. It is important the the scent represents you, I personally love the Garden Lavender for this time of year. 

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